Crayon Donation Makes The Day More Colorful for Children

When high school seniors Alexandria Bowling , Cara Livingston and Kamryn Winther were presented with the opportunity to compete in Skills USA, a competition for educational technology center students like themselves, they knew instantly they wanted to and do something to help children.

“It didn’t take us long to agree that we wanted our project to benefit patients at Children’s Hospital of Michigan DMC,” shared Livingston, “all three of us are on the path to become future educators and work in a preschool, so we understand the importance of helping every child in need,” she continued.

After researching which type of fundraiser they wanted to hold the girls chose to collect crayons and coloring books to donate. By soliciting funds from ten local schools and hosting a bake sale, the girls were able to collect enough money to purchase materials for 452 bundles of crayons and coloring books!

Donations such as this are important to the child life department at Children’s Hospital of Michigan, which gives out between 1,000 – 1,500 coloring packets per month. The packets are distributed to clinics, the emergency room and hospital inpatients to help provide entertainment or, sometimes, distraction during uncomfortable procedures. Needless to say, a donation like this instantly makes an impact!
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